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What If You Could Workout Less And Actually Get In Better Shape?

Welcome To The Future Of Real Fitness Innovation

Group Training Hendersonville Tennessee Smaller
One-Stop Resourse For Cutting-Edge Fitness

Science-based Fitness Training That Meets Your Needs

At KalQlate Science, we have a variety of solutions that will exceed your fitness goals. You have the option to take part in a structured fitness plan that is done through:

  • Personal Training (with tech)
  • Semi-private Training (with tech)


  • Group Training

Additionally, we offer a variety of speciality classes. 

We are not an unstructured environment, so you will not have to worry about waiting for equipment or not knowing what to do or how to do it.  We are here every step along the way to the best version of you! 

Find Us Behind Hendersonville Produce

We are located between Huckabee Studio  (Former Twitty City) and Saunderville Rd. (Exit 8 of Vietnam BLVD), next door to Thortons Convenience Mart.  Click here to pull up google maps on your phone.

Some Of Our Reviews

adaptive resistance
light therapy
We are your solution to BIOHACKING your true SUPERHUMAN potential


KalQlate Science has created a very scientific approach to overall health.  We offer a very exclusive process that doesn't involve old-fashioned concepts that are well beyond their time.  Welcome to the FUTURE of wellness and fitness.



The body needs proper fuel to engage and maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Our programs not only focus on giving you the core fuel through food but we also have strategies to fuel you at the cellular level through some of our cutting-edge systems.  Additionally, we focus on giving our members the diet and habit guidelines that will address issues that affect each and everyone of us, things like inflammation, food intolerances, and hormones.



At KalQlate Science, we focus on a get in and get done mindset.  When you are in the process of tearing down the muscle you are in a catabolic state.  We incorporate strategy through our science-based adaptive resistant technology that is proven have much greater muscle recruitment than traditional workouts that work with and against gravity.  Our typical workouts are anywhere between 15-30 minutes a week.  Less is MUCH more at KalQlate Science!



In short, there are two aspects to weight training and recovery, being in a state of catabolism and anabolism.  Anabolic means "building up" and catabolic means "breaking down."  We focus on tearing down the muscle quickly and emphasis the systems, food, and rest that are going to build your muscles.  Our recovery systems are designed to enhance the recovery process by encouraging better promote muscle repair, by decreasing inflammation, boosting mitochondrial function, and by increasing immune response.


In As Little As, 15-30 Minutes A Week

Our workout sessions focus on one thing, breaking down the muscle quickly, but doing it without the fear of injury.  Each ARX session itself is around 15-20 minutes.

Quantified Results

When you start with KalQlate Science, you have the opportunity to receive a FREE 3D scan of your body.  This creates a personal avatar specifically for you.  You will have the ability to see your body transform with your next scan. 

Additionally, every REP you perform on the ARX will be compared to your last session in real time on a graph chart as you are going through your session.


Systems That Repair You At The Cellular Level

It's no secret that our systems specialize in repair and recovery to make you heal faster and stronger between your workout sessions.  Alternatively, these systems have some exceptional benefits that will help people:

  • Sleep better
  • Improve Focus and Mood
  • Support Collagen Growth
  • Balance Hormones
  • Shrink Fat
  • Increase Bone Density
  • Repair Injuries
  • Help Autoimmune Function 

And so much more..

Guidance Along The Way

KalQlate Science is not your typical gym.  We take you through the process from setup to the day-to-day process.  We will be here to help you with the workouts, meals, and accountabilty.

Use Science And Today's Advancements To Make Your Body Operate At Peak Performance

We live in an information age where TECH surrounds us, yet, we are still approaching fitness and wellness like we were 20 and 30 years ago.  We must bring technology and science into a new age of exercise and wellness.  That's what we do here.  Are you ready for your UPGRADE?