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Aside from our advanced technology, KalQlate Science’s uniqueness and charm starts with our approach to fitness.  We don’t sell workouts or anytime access, we work hand in hand with our members to achieve a desired outcome.  It is a program, or better yet, a “KalQlation” designed to be smart and efficient.  Never before have fitness enthusiasts seen such innovation in a health and fitness regimen.  

Than Traditional Exercise! And More Than Just Exercise Alone


Upgrade your Health

Not Another GYM!

It's a new year, new you, and a new way of working out. KalQlate Science is not just another gym. When you think of gyms, most people think of weights and treadmills. While, we do incorporate functional training, thinking this is just another place to throw around some weights is a huge misunderstanding. We have a very unique program that is designed to get you better and faster results and it starts with adaptive resistance. Think about how weights work. They work with and against gravity, so you are always lifting for the lightest point in your motion on the concentric side of the motion. Otherwise, you would not be able to complete a whole rep. Adaptive resistance gives you the very best at every single point in the motion. In turn, you get stronger, leaner, and in better shape, making a very happy client :). You'll love each and every session as you create a healthy version of yourself.

Expert Instruction Along The Way!

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What exactly is biohacking?

Simply put, biohacking is manipulating the mind and body in order to optimize and maximize results without the use of pharmaceuticals.

Ultimately, it is driven by science and the desire to look and feel better...more so than traditional exercise can provide.

It not only focuses on a better exercise stimulus but also the recovery process.

I have some questions...

A Program-Based Solution Like No Other

OUR offerings

ARX (Adaptive Resistance)

Functional Training

Smart Cardio

Diet and Meal Prep


Body Contouring

Science-Based Training and Recovery

redefine your workout

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full body workouts that Make You Stronger, Leaner, and more energized

go beyond your limits

commit to health and fitness

challenge yourself. take it to the next level.