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The AllCore360° and Why It's The Best Innovation For A Superior Core

Many people think of the core or abs as glamour muscles, but they are more than that, they are the center of every thing a person can do in fitness.  Now keep in mind that the core is made up of muscles beyond the abdominal region and many of these muscles are very difficult to trigger and often neglected.  Not the case with the AllCore360°.  When we started KalQlate Science, we knew we had the perfect innovation through adaptive resistance to help create a stronger and leaner body.  Yet, when we discovered AllCore360°, it was clear that we could achieve a whole new level of core training and that it would be the perfect addition to what we were already doing.  While the ARX can target the core, we felt the AllCore’s mechanism gave us a whole new advantage  by being able to activate the core the way the core was supposed to be worked.  

It rotates the rider around like a rotisserie and uses gravity to create a complete isometric contraction in a full 360° rotation, perfectly triggering those glamour muscles but also working the muscles that support the body.