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It’s Hard To Resist Adaptive Resistance

KalQlate Science Wellness and Fitness New On The Hendersonville Scene With Adaptive Resistance Technology

gyms in hendersonville tennessee- KalQlate Science-ARX Alpha

KalQlate Science Wellness and Fitness has created a new opportunity for people looking to get the most out of an exercise routine with some cutting-edge advancements and science in the wellness and fitness space.  Beyond the scope of something new and effective, one of the focal points of the studio is that they create a greater quality workout in a shorter amount of time, in as little as 15-20 minutes a week. 

ARX Fit, an equipment manufacturer out of Austin, Texas and maker of two of the centerpiece ARX models the Hendersonville Tennessee studio has acquired, is a foundation for many new biohacking facilities that have been popping up across the nation.  The ARX machines are quite sophisticated. The mechanisms behind it are controlled by a built in computer that communicates with a motor to deliver resistance that is truly adaptable throughout the exercise. Which means, the user gets a perfect rep each and every time they use the machine. 

Adaptive Resistance Technology, what exactly does that mean? 

Basically, the ARX will match the force created by the user on the concentric movement and it will create the perfect amount of extended force in the negative or eccentric phase of the movement.  This creates a much more effective rep and allows for greater muscle recruitment throughout the exercise and quicker fatigue.


Traditional weights and weight driven machines work with and against gravity, so in essence, when you select a weight for your exercise, you have to select a weight that you can perform for the concentric part (positive motion) of the exercise.  Yet, the muscle is capable of so much more force when it is elongating the muscle or coming into the essentric/negative part of the rep. Which means, each and every time you go to perform a rep with traditional weights you are leaving a ton of meat on the bone.  ARX allows the user to perform most exercises using adaptive resistance technology between two of its flagship machines, the Omni and the Alpha.


Garrett Bumbalough, co-owner of KalQlate Science and 16 year veteran in the fitness equipment service and sales industry says, “We knew Hendersonville had plenty of options for exercise, but what we wanted to do is bring some new and innovative ideas about fitness to Hendersonville.  After looking at the science and all the compelling results, it was apparent that this was needed. Aside from from the aspects of working out and the time that can be saved by using machines like the ARX, we spend a great deal of attention to the recovery process, which are the things you do after and between your workouts to get a stronger and healthier body."


The Studio’s approach to better quality of life and a better body is summed up by putting people through sessions that break the muscle down quickly and utilize better repair and recovery through some of their advanced systems, like Red Light Therapy, PEMF, Compression, Massage, Infrared, and isolated Cryotherapy Therapy. 

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