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What does red light therapy even do?

What is red light therapy or Photobiomodulation? The exposure to normal indoor lighting can massively impact your health in ways most people never consider. It can impact your sleep, promote depression and anxiety, contribute to seasonal affective disorder (SAD), create major hormone imbalances, encourage other negative biological effects, and even contribute to things like weight…

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Fasting, Keto, and Photobiomodulation with Joovv Redlight Therapy

In this video, you are going to hear about 4 big pillars for your health. Those 4 things are: Using Joovv with some additional practices can change your body Fat Loss Neuroregeneration Recovery and Inflammation Hormones Thomas DeLauer shares a video that will open your mind to new advancements that will help you discover some…

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It’s Hard To Resist Adaptive Resistance

KalQlate Science Wellness and Fitness New On The Hendersonville Scene With Adaptive Resistance Technology KalQlate Science Wellness and Fitness has created a new opportunity for people looking to get the most out of an exercise routine with some cutting-edge advancements and science in the wellness and fitness space.  Beyond the scope of something new and…

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